Keiko. Guitarist with the Sledge Grits Band

Age: 23

Guitarist, songwriter, singer ,and actress.

Keiko Sledge - (c) Stan Thomas/Kanale CreationsKeiko has been performing all of her life. She started playing guitar when she was 10 and has found an intense passion for it over the last several years. She loves songwriting and has quite a large portfolio of songs that she has composed. Her writing talents helped her land a publishing deal with industry giant BMG. During her free time Keiko enjoys writing songs and poems, volunteering at the animal shelter, filming and editing videos, scrapbooking, planning, eating chicken nuggets, playing with her pets Kohana and Lyra, watching Netflix, and journalling.


Twitter: @KeikoSledge

Facebook: Keiko Lynn Sledge

Instagram: @keikosledge

Blog: Keiko Sledge

YouTube: MissCurlyCake

Instagram: @snailmailsurprises

Tumblr: keikolynnsledge Keiko Sledge



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