The Sledge Grits Band on the Monster Products Stage. NAMM 2014. (c) Stan Thomas/Kanale Creations

At NAMM 2014 on the Monster Stage

bo-Pah with Ndugu Chancler - (s) Stan Thomas

bo-Pah with drummer/percussionist/producer/composer/professor Ndugu Chancler

The Sledge Grits Band - Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu - (c) Stan Thomas

At the Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu

TSGB with EMKE - (c) Stan Thomas

With EMKE at the Hard Rock Cafe Honolulu

Keiko and Ella at Taste of Soul 2014 - (c) Stan Thomas/Kanale Creations

Keiko and ‘Ella rockin’ Taste of Soul

TSGB with IM5 - (c) Stan Thomas/Kanale Creations

With members of the group IM5

TSGB with Jaden Betts - (c) Stan Thomas/Kanale Creations

With actor Jaden Betts

The Sledge Grits Band with Chris Paul - (c) Stan Thomas/Kanale Creations

With Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul

Gyasi Zardes and Dixie - (c) Stan Thomas/Kanale Creations

LA Galaxy Forward Gyasi Zardes poses with Dixie


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