“I’ve shot a lot of big name bands through the decades and this group is awesome…” – Donard Sonoda, 808 Video Productions

“The group exhibits a strong command of the Pop idiom…They love to sing and you can see it when they perform” – Videopoem interview

The Sledge Grits Band “bring[s] back a more traditional family dynamic that evokes the days of a pre-“Off the Wall”, Michael Jackson-fronted Jackson Five.” – A-Sides with Jon Chattman in the Huffington Post

“The music business is desperately in need of more teen acts that can actually play and write their own music, and the sister quartet The Sledge Grits Band perfectly fits that bill…Their power, charisma, and energy are undeniable…They are the real deal.” – Billy Johnson, Jr. for Yahoo! Music

“[T]his talented group of young musicians has drive and dedication far beyond their years. They leave audiences amazed by their stage presence and skill level…” – Next Great Family Band

“[’s] techno-enhanced voice was not the only one heard on the upbeat single that was created to celebrate NASA’s rock-solid mission to Mars; nearly two dozen Los Angeles-area teens and preteens provided spirited background vocals, including nationally-recognized singer/musician Mimi Sledge” – on “Reach for the Stars”, the first song beamed to Earth from another planet

“To be that young and to be that connected to the music…I was blown away.” Phoenix Stone, judge/expert on The Next Great Family Band

“They are the package. They have the style, they have the sound, it’s already dialed in.” – Samantha Maloney, judge/expert on The Next Great Family Band


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